Amanda Westbrook. 19. West Palm Beach, FL. All I want is the sea.

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I am finding it increasingly difficult to think with all this sea water in my head. The waves are persistent and while being knocked down more than enough times, I stay. It’s endurance is unwavering.

I trust the flames the saltwater ignites in my nose and the soreness in my throat, begging to be quenched. I am surrounded by water that I cannot subsist off of. It is oddly fulfilling, however. I am a seperate entity of this blue mass, but the way my toes tangle in the sand and the waves greet me, I really am not sure any longer.

Nothing outside of this water makes sense. I don’t understand much about my fishy friends, either, but I know them more than my family.

When I gather my flesh to part ways, the open-mouthed ocean settles, no more battering waves to send me off. I step foot on the sandy shore and weep all the way down that boardwalk back to my rusted home.

I just want to sleep naked with you in a hotel room somewhere in Hawaii, where we can sleep to the sounds of crashing waves and geckos gobbling up the insects on the glass window panes. Hawaii’s morning sun would wake us and we would go sailing, or go lie in a hammock on a private beach somewhere, drinking fruity drinks out of big coconuts.

Foaming blue bubbles and churns, never showing signs of a state of rest.

Frothing wave breaks unlock the boat’s secrets, the sea’s crests.

Fumbling for air, the waves are cruel, unrelenting.

Fighting the land, I seldom wish to be apart from my true love, the briny deep.

The water roared over the deck, tugging at all that wasn’t tied down. “You’re mine,” the sailor heard it whisper as it swiped him off his feet and into it’s clutches. The sailor’s deafening scream was muted by the water’s victory cry. The boat swirled into more turmoil each second it remained. “Break, break. I will break you.” It hissed as another wave smothered it. Within an hour the boat was obliterated, bits of it’s planks and packages were strewn about in the clammy hands of the water, waiting to be overcome as well. The water would take care of it, but for now, it was tired. It calmed.