Amanda Westbrook. 20. West Palm Beach, FL. All I want is the sea.

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I know it’s naïve of me to think that we will breathe forever, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to care when I have all these hearts and stars blocking my vision.

I perpetually envision occupying the same living space as you. Nothing would be white, we are way too messy of people for that, it would only stress us out. I have spilled one too many glasses of red wine to be considered “clean” and we both know that.

A bathtub that we never would want to come out of, so we soak our days away together, pruning in endless bubble baths with ocean scented candles illuminating counter spaces.

Our kitchen cabinets would be stocked with Lucky Charms, coffee grounds, and whiskey. Writer’s fuel. My menthols would never be far away, always ending up on a table nearby.

We would need a King sized bed to suit all of our play fights. When you’re away at work, I will take cat naps on your side of the bed. Your scent will linger with me all day to get me by. At night, our bed will become the safe haven for all of our secrets from the day. Secrets that our pillows will hold close and our hearts will hold closer.

Let’s face the facts, I am going to need an in-ground pool equipped with a hot tub on the side. We have fish blood, we need to be able to swim. Not to mention the midnight skinny dipping swims. Those will be fun. The hot tub will warm my frigid figure. Those are a definite necessity to my dream house.

Art, the ocean, will drown our walls with blue. You know it makes me uneasy to be away from the sea. I guess that it is not terribly relevant because when you hold me, all fear dissipates. You are my ocean.